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 VoucherTrak v1.0


VoucherTrak is a simple and effective, easy-to-use Voucher Tracking System to keep track of voucher stocks, sales, redemptions with various reporting and analytics features to analyse customers, shops and vouchers.  Ideal for Shopping Centres and Chambers of Commerce.  Toni Forrester, Chief Executive, Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce stated

“With the success of ShopLK increasing year on year we recognised the need for an upgrade to our manual recording system. It is increasingly important to us that we have up to date records on each and every voucher sold and redeemed at any given time. This Voucher Tracking System allows us to view our stock, sales and redemptions quickly and easily and enables us to produce reports on a monthly basis so that we can review sales and analyse trends in voucher spend. We then use this information as a sales tool to recruit more retailers into the scheme so the long terms benefits will more than pay for the system.  In time this Voucher Tracking System will also allow us to gather valuable customer information that will inform our marketing and advertising campaigns. All in all the system is a huge benefit to us in Letterkenny Chamber and we can see that in the long term it will become an even bigger asset…AARUSHI SOFTWARE has provided us with an excellent service over the telephone and their online technical support has been exceptional…”. 

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  • User-friendly interface to search, sell and redeem vouchers
  • Increase staff productivity for voucher distribution and redemption
  • Eliminate duplicate voucher redemption and fraud with enhanced security features
  • Reduce Selling and Administrative Costs
  • Reduce calls from customers and outlets providing them with timely information
  • Various Reports to analyse the Stock, Sales, Redemptions for any given period, amount and quantity
  • Email notifications to your shops or customers  of critical dates or events
  • Enhance the Client Experience
  • Installation & Setup by our Support Staff
  • Online User Support