Software Solutions
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AARUSHI is a quality, cost-effective software solution provider for the the Engineering, Environmental, Agricultureand Retail Sectors. Our company also undertakes bespoke projects, call us if you need a problem solved. At present, our company has three products: MartTrak, VoucherTrak and PKBackup. We provide unrivalled backup for our software products. The company is located at the state-of-the-art facilities in CoLab LYIT, Letterkenny, Ireland.

MartTrak v7.0

MartTrak's software system caters for all your IT needs in the Mart & in the office. We provide a livestock tracking, auctioning and accounting software system which caters for the entire operational activities of the Mart including the Mart intake, Movements, Seller and Buyer Settlements, Debtor Control, Bank Reconciliation, SEPA Compatibility, Mart day, Historical and Management Reporting, Customer History Drilldown, Enquiries, etc. Read more

VoucherTrak v1.0

VoucherTrak is a simple and effective, easy-to-use Voucher Tracking System to keep track of voucher stocks, sales & redemptions with various reporting and analytics features to analyse how your customers and shops interact. Call us today for a free quotation! 074-9116762 Read more

PKBackup v4.0

PKBackup is a one-stop solution for all your backup needs whether you are a business trying to backup your critical business data or a small family backing up your photos, videos, documents. Call us today for a free quotation! 074-9116762 Read more